Time for Gratitude


Gratitude is the opposite of negative thinking.  Reframing negative statements into gratitude statements can be a powerful way to retrain your mind.  When you focus on gratitude, negative thoughts take a back seat.  The mental friction and drag you experience with negativity seems to disappear.    

Intentional effort spent in gratitude will, at the very least, provide some respite from the energy-draining quagmire of negative thoughts. Think you don’t have time to add a gratitude session to your busy day?  Here’s the beauty of it – you can feel grateful anytime, anywhere!

This episode and the next will cover a total of fifteen times each day that you can use as a reminder to think grateful thoughts.  The first seven are covered here in Episode 8.

By the way, in the audio, I talk about this being Episode 7.  Imagine my surprise when went to upload and found Episode 7 already existed!

To find the text version of this podcast including all the references used, go to http://www.ecounselingservice.com/gratitude.html

Thanks for listening!