Gadgets, Gizmos, and Technology Assisted Exercise Adherence

I am one of those people sometimes described as an Early Adopter.  This is especially true when it comes to gadgets, gizmos, and other techie things.  I am a sucker for blinking lights, retina displays, and lighted keyboards to name only a few of my weaknesses.  Couple my love of technology with the distaste for exercise I have developed in middle age (Read Gained Weight) and there is at least a fighting chance that I will get healthier by utilizing technology, electrified devices, and nifty items as allies in the fight. 

Today’s episode will focus on some of the things I use to help myself do just a little bit more physically than I might otherwise do.  Perhaps they might help you too.  Like many, my work and leisure activities tend to be sedentary in nature. As a matter of fact, I am trying to go from pretty much zero activity to some activity. When one has not been active in a long time, small increases seem more prudent, and less prone to injury, than the strenuous activities like running, racquetball, and hiking that I engaged in when I was younger. I want to get back there, but I think slow and steady wins this race rather than walking outside and starting to run myself straight into an ER visit.

I mention some specific products, books, and applications in this episode. It is important to note that mentioning these names is uncompensated and unsolicited. In other words, no one is paying me to mention these items and no one has requested that I mentioned them in any way, shape, form or fashion. I highlight them because they have been helpful to me, and I believe they can be helpful to others.



More Time for Gratitude

Episode 9 of the Nutshell Perspectives podcast is the second of two episodes focused on finding time to feel grateful.  Feeling grateful and concentrating on thoughts of gratitude can be powerful allies in combatting negative thinking and creating a brighter mood.  If you missed the first part, it is contained in Episode 8 of the Nutshell Perspectives Podcast.  



Time for Gratitude

Gratitude is the opposite of negative thinking.  Reframing negative statements into gratitude statements can be a powerful way to retrain your mind.  When you focus on gratitude, negative thoughts take a back seat.  The mental friction and drag you experience with negativity seems to disappear.    

Intentional effort spent in gratitude will, at the very least, provide some respite from the energy-draining quagmire of negative thoughts. Think you don’t have time to add a gratitude session to your busy day?  Here’s the beauty of it – you can feel grateful anytime, anywhere!

This episode and the next will cover a total of fifteen times each day that you can use as a reminder to think grateful thoughts.  The first seven are covered here in Episode 8.

By the way, in the audio, I talk about this being Episode 7.  Imagine my surprise when went to upload and found Episode 7 already existed!

To find the text version of this podcast including all the references used, go to http://www.ecounselingservice.com/gratitude.html

Thanks for listening!



Proactive Ways to Relieve Stress This Week

We're always looking for ways to relieve stress.  It seems no matter what we do, stress has a way of creeping into our lives.  And if we let it go for too long, unchecked stress can create many problems for us.  It is better to be proactive than to be reactive when dealing with stress.  This episode of the Nutshell Perspectives podcast outlines 9 different ways a person can be proactive on the weekend to reduce unwanted stress during the work week.



Rub Some Dirt on It!

As boys, males are sometimes taught that expressing emotions associated with vulnerability is not a masculine trait.  Well meaning messages like, "Rub some dirt on it and keep going," may keep a boy in little league from crying during a game; but messages to stuff feelings can linger and keep men from fully expressing themselves as they age.  This is analogous to outdated software running on a buggy old computer.  The inability to express emotions in an honest way and be vulnerable with other men may contribute to the high number of men who are depressed.  Depression in men can be deadly.  Suicide rates among some subgroups of men are alarming and excessive.  Using the computer program analogy, men can choose to install new software that will allow them to express emotions in healthy ways through counseling, support groups, and authentic relationships with other guys.  



Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

Not everyone loves Valentine's Day.  As a matter of fact, some people would say, “I hate Valentine’s Day!” if asked.  There are single people who hate it, married people who despise it, and dating people who loathe it.  There are many reasons why Valentine's isn't everyone's favorite day.  This episode of Nutshell Perspectives will examine some of them in greater detail while providing practical steps to help the holiday pass a little easier.  The steps aren’t all easy, and they take time. However, they are all actions that can lead to greater happiness this Valentine’s and beyond. 



Relationship Resolutions with Staying Power

If you are looking for increased connection and happiness in your intimate relationship, this podcast is for you.  Episode 4 of the Nutshell Perspectives podcast will give you some specific relationship resolutions to consider that can make a huge difference with your intimate partner.  Specifically, this episode will provide listeners with 5 key habits to set their relationship on fire (in a good way).  If you think your relationship is too far gone for help, please pay particular attention to Resolution #5.    



Nutshell Perspectives: When Positive Thinking Is Not Enough

Positive thinking has its place in life change, and it can be a powerful ally; but it is not always enough alone to create life change.  Life change is more likely to result from positive thinking combined with a practical program of action that addresses the whole person.  This episode will examine one circumstance where positive thinking alone is probably not enough to change the course of the problem.  The problem is substance abuse.  



Beating Post Holiday Blues from a Nutshell Perspective

Has going from “Ho-Ho-Ho” holiday joy back to the “Ho-Hum” daily grind got you down? This is for you!

In this episode, we are going to look at Beating the Post Holiday Blues 

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we can sometimes lose ourselves in revelry and place our problems on the back burner for a bit.  Many who do this find that the holidays are almost magical.  Some people can do it with no ill effect while others will experience post holiday blues. 

Distinguishing between typical holiday blues and something more serious is discussed.  The host, John Cornelison, also shares 10 practical tips for beating holiday blues.



A Nutshell Perspective on Parenting Teens: Differentiation Episode

On this episode, John Cornelison, a counselor from Georgia, gives an overview of one reason why teens can be so difficult.  It is because of differentiation.  The drive to differentiate themselves from the familiar is part of what motivates teens to change so radically.  The drive is described and some tips are shared to help parents get through this time where they may not recognize their own child.